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I am so excited to release my very first ebook! The idea for this book came to me after receiving many emails from up and coming designers looking for advice on how to start their freelance career. I remembered that one of the toughest parts for me was figuring out a streamlined process when working with my branding clients. 

So I decided to write this ebook in order to help new (or curious!) freelancers get a head start in working with clients on their branding projects. This ebook will provide you an in-depth look at the process I go through when branding a client. The process is broken up into 8 easy-to-follow steps that will hopefully make the task of taking on a branding client feel a little less daunting.

I have created three download packages for you to choose from:



The Sweet Edition: $9 

.pdf version of the 42 page ebook


The Super Edition: $23 

- .pdf version of the 42 page ebook
- 25+ mood board vector templates
- Vector brand guide template
- Text file with client questionnaire 


Mood Board Vector Templates: $8

25+ mood board vector templates 

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Looking at the Stars

The other day my husband told me this quote and it has been in the back of my mind since. I have been mulling it over in my mind like a mantra. To me this quote by Oscar Wilde is saying that we all have our own struggles, our own insecurities, our own sadness - but rather than letting it overwhelm you and lead you to despair - you can keep your head up and stay positive about the future. 

The last 4 months have been very difficult, my pregnancy condition has taken a toll on me mentally and physically. But knowing that there is a sweet little boy at the end of the struggle has been my shining star. Next week I am scheduled to be induced on Thursday (8/6/15) - and while very nervous for labor, I am so excited to meet my little guy! Not to be too TMI but things are looking really good down there (baby head is low, already 2cm dilated and partially effaced), and they are pretty confident I will be able to deliver vaginally! They warned that I might not even make it to Thursday since my body seems to be getting ready for delivery already. When I was diagnosed at 20 weeks with ICP, it seemed like 36 weeks was a lifetime away. While in some ways it does feel like I have been through a lifetime and back in these 16 weeks, it has also flown by. I am all nerves and butterflies right now and while I am still suffering with my condition, I am truly looking at the stars! 

On another note - I will be releasing my ebook and a few other download goodies on Friday! I will also be hosting an instagram giveaway contest, so be sure to follow me for details! 

Xo Jess

So I Wrote an Ebook...!

Hello! I am so excited to announce that I have written and designed an ebook! It is almost finished and I can't wait to share it with you very soon. So what is this ebook even about? Well, it is a step by step guide to my process branding small business clients! I know how hard it can be when starting out to create a process flow that sets you up for success - so I have decided to share everything that I do! It is filled with lots of advice, easy-to-follow steps and fun visuals.

I will be offering two types of packages for this ebook release - one will be the .pdf ebook, and the other will be a super package that includes the ebook + mood board templates + client questionnaire questions + a style guide template! 

I am really proud of how it is coming together! Take a looksie at these sneak peek images:

branding process ebook table of contents
branding ebook step 1

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