Dear Diary: I rarely finish projects, and am mostly ok with it.

This post is all about airing out some of my dirty laundry and learning to accept it. The truth is I have a lot of ideas, and I often get really excited about those ideas, and I often start pursuing those ideas - and then I stop. Either I lose interest, or I realize it is too difficult, or I realize I don't have time...I think a lot of creative types will relate to this subject.

I think it is just part of being creative & passionate, and while sometimes I am embarrassed by my cluttered closet of unfinished projects - I would never want to give up my creative spark. The important thing is that I do follow through with a small but important selection of my ideas. For this post I decided to publicly show my list of creative ideas that at some point in time I was very passionate about. There are a few things on this list that I did end up doing/will do, but most are tucked away in that cluttered closet (most likely never to be opened again). 

This is pretty embarrassing, but posting this is really helping me deal with this part of myself. Let me know in the comments if you have a similar list :)