Coveting: Indigo Scarves

Put on some Indigo Girls and get in the mood for this post! For the past few months I have seen a ton of Indigo on my Pinterest feed, and I gotta say, I am lovin' it! In April I created a mood board inspired by Indigo - but today I am focusing on all of the beautiful indigo scarves I have been admiring. Something about the feeling that summer is right around the bend, makes me want to pick up one of these silky lovelies. 

1. The first set of scarves are hand-dyed by a woman I went to high school with! Always so fun to see what kind of cool things people are doing in their adult lives. She sells her beautiful wares at Silks by Stephanie Podasca, and Indotique (filled with Indigo home-goods). 

2. The range of colors on these vintage scarves sold by Jayson Home are just stunning. They are made in France and each one is completely unique. 

3. Scout & Catalogue is seriously an amazing online store. They have so many beautiful items! This Nomad Scarf is one of my favorite items on their site! Gorgeous.

Hope you have a good Monday. I am personally wishing we had another one of those long weekends....