Freelance Wisdom: M. Frances Foster

Wow this has been a hectic week - our new brand Uniform launched on Tuesday, I have a bunch of freelance projects, and on top of it I have been feeling quite unwell. BUT I am very excited to share this nugget of advice from a designer that I really admire. M. Frances Foster of Catch Me if you Fran is seriously one cool lady with an incredible sense of style! On top of that she is incredibly sweet and sent me a bunch of great advice. I decided to share this snippet because it is honestly really relevant to my life right now.  Since I am just starting out in the freelance world I am super tempted to take on every person that reaches out to me - but sometimes even from the first email correspondence I can tell that we won't be a fit. Frances' advice to choose your clients wisely gives me just the right kick in the a** to trust my gut. 

Be sure to check out Frances' great blog (she is updating her portfolio right now). Also her collage work is incredible. 


credits: photo provided by Frances | Hand lettering and design by June Letters Design.