Summer Escape: Family Reunion in Ohio

Last Thursday Josh and I left foggy San Francisco and headed to the midwest for a family reunion and mini vacation. It was Josh's first time in Ohio and more importantly his first time visiting my family there. It was very fun to have Josh visit my Grandparent's home and to see where I spent many a summer as a kid. We had a grand time sitting out by the lake, shmoozing with so much family, and exploring little downtown Akron. 


The sunsets were truly gorgeous from the dock - I could get used to watching a sunset like that every night.


On our way back to the airport, we decided to spend a few extra hours in Cleveland. Josh and I are both big fans of American Splendor so we were excited to walk through the streets of Harvey Pekar's city. We started in the Ohio City neighborhood and ate at a really great brewery. Actually there are about a million breweries and beer gardens in the neighborhood - seemed like a fun place to hop around during the evening.


We then went to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame - cause when in Cleveland - you just gotta go. It was pretty cheesy but still fun to go through the exhibit and see all of the memorabilia. I was especially a fan of this Lead Belly poster below.

While we are happy to be back in San Francisco, we are certainly missing this -

xox Jess