So I rented a studio...

My studio is in the corner on the second floor!

My studio is in the corner on the second floor!

I made a big leap this weekend (maybe too soon) but I signed a lease on a beautiful window studio in a great part of the Mission. On a bit of a whim this weekend I decided to go see some of the available studios at Art Explosion's Alabama St. studios. I took Jack (my trusty dog side-kick) and toured around the available spaces. On the second floor I fell in love with a corner window studio. It is a quite large rectangular space with giant loft windows, clean wood floors, and white walls. At first I thought - no way - it is too expensive for one person. So I didn't even take a picture because I didn't want to get too attached. But then on my walk home I realized - duh! I just need to find a studio-mate and it will be completely affordable for both of us. 

So I decided to take a chance and applied for the space - and got it! (I wish getting an apartment in SF was that easy). The location is great, it is about a 20 minute walk from my apartment, and right next to a bunch of great restaurants and cafes (Sightglass, Atlas Cafe, Flour + Water, American Grilled Cheese Kitchen...). They allow pets so Jack can come with me to the studio! I think he will really enjoy the large windows and laying in the sun. I get to move in a month!

Ultimately I decided to apply for the studio because I really need more of a separation between home-life and work-life. Even after just 2 weeks of freelancing I already feel the strain of being home all day and night. My place is truly just too small to create a work-space that feels separate, and it is a pain to constantly have to clean up after every little project. Sometimes I want to keep my paints out! 

I think having a studio space will really help me to truly feel like I am building a business and will be helpful in creating a work-life balance. I most likely will not go in everyday (I do love working from my couch sometimes!) but just having the option to go to my own studio space will be so important for my state of mind. Also I look forward to having a studio-mate, I am hoping I can find another designer or creative type that I can bounce ideas off of and have a nice relationship. (If you are interested in sharing my studio, please do get in touch! And I can give you more details!) And not to mention, just being around so many other artists I think will be very inspiring, I know I felt inspired just walking through the halls and seeing all of the paintings, sculptures, and projects that people had displayed outside their studios! 

Wow this post got long - clearly I had a lot to process with this big transition. It is a risk financially - but I am hoping it pays off. I can't wait to start planning the space and for move-in day on 9/1!

A long time ago I started a "Studio Love" board that I pin workspace inspiration to. Of course yesterday I went a little crazy and started pinning a ton of inspiration. Here are some of my favorite ideas below: 

Happy Monday!

Xo, Jess