So you may have noticed that things are looking a little bit different around here! As part of launching my full-time freelance business, I decided to do a big overhaul of my website. I am still working out some kinks, and I have more work to add - but it is nearly there! If you are a designer you know how daunting it is to design your own website - and actually how long it takes to get all of your work together in a presentable way. I have been working at it in my spare time for a few weeks, but yesterday on my day-off I spent the whole day finishing it up. I am pretty happy with how it turned out! 


For this re-design I decided to focus more on treating my site like a business. I decided to use more promotional language, and to clearly highlight what kind of work I would like to be contacted for. I focused my portfolio on four categories: Branding, Illustration, Lettering, and Web Design. I really struggled with wanting to add personality, but also keeping things clean and simple. I am still not sure if I have struck that balance - but I know a portfolio is a platform that is constantly changing and growing.

I hope you enjoy the change :) I am entering a bittersweet week - my last week as a full-time employee! I am sad to leave my co-workers at True&Co. but I am so excited to start this new journey! 

xox Jess

P.S. I know the homepage is looking really funky on Mobile - I am still working to correct it! Will most likely be bugging some of the engineers at work this week....