Friday Thoughts: The personal side to selling

I started writing a super detailed data post this morning - but it was too ambitious of a post to complete in a morning! So instead here is a picture of me in Japan last October. It was taken in Kinosaki a small Onsen town near Osaka. It was so incredibly relaxing and fun. I miss it.

My honeymoon in Japan helped to inspire my collection of products that I am working on - I can't wait to share them soon. I am both incredibly excited, but also nervous to start a shop again. I have had a few (failed) attempts at selling products. My most successful attempt was when I screenprinted a whole bunch of tote bags with trendy crossed arrows and a geometric print. I sold quite a few - but I still have leftovers in my closet! 

That was back in 2011 though - and I have grown and learned so much since then! Even though I feel more confident - it is still always scary putting personal work out there. You can't help but take it a bit personally when your items don't sell. This time though I am going to be much smarter and produce only very small runs so I can see how well an item sells before I invest more in it. I am also more experienced with e-commerce after working at two companies focused on moving products! But even with this increased experience - it is still scary to put yourself out there! Still, I have to try - it is the only way to learn.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Xo, Jess