Freebie Friday: 8 Free Fonts Inspired by a Winter Wonderland

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Frost / Pinecone / Snowfall / December / Icicle / Fireplace / Sledding / Mittens

So heres the truth - I don't think I have seen snow in over 2 years. Maybe even 3 - I honestly can't recall the last snowfall I witnessed! Living in the Bay Area you have to go to the mountains in order to see snow - and it is a 4-5 hour not-so-fun drive. Growing up I went skiing with my family at least once a year, but my husband is not a fan (and I am not super into skiing either) so we have elected to go on different kinds of trips instead. But I have to admit I miss that snowy landscape sometimes, especially the incredible feeling of being wrapped up in a blanket sitting next to a fireplace as the snow comes down outside...

So for this free fonts post I was inspired by the magical landscape of a winter wonderland. I hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Xo, Jess