End of April Diary

Before Josh left for Italy we took a trip to John McLaren Park. Jack LOVED it :) Now he gets to go all the time with his new dog walker.




 On one of these recent unusually hot nights, we had beers & white wine out on the patio at The Sycamore.

Rafik and Kathryn looking cute in their matching shirts.


Jack loves to do this little half in half out thing by his crate:



After Josh left for Italy, Jack and I travelled down to Sunnyvale to visit my parents. It was definetly spring time in Sunnyvale. My mom's plants were looking gorgeous. Jack had lots of adventures while at my parents house - we learned that he is a total Houdini escape artist. Anytime we left he would figure out some way to get outside. The last time, we got a call from our neighbor that Jack was on the roof! My dad rescued him before I got home, even though I was so scared, I kind of wish I could of seen him sitting up there. Hah it was probably pretty funny.


While in Sunnyvale, my mom and I went on a wedding rampage. Picking out my registry, florals, DIYing some vases, and making multiple trips to Michael's and Orchard Supply.

The China I picked out kind of matched my invitations.


aftermath of our DIY adventure

While Josh was in Italy I got a little crazy re-decorating the apartment. Featured in this image is my new ivory duvet, succulents, and copper watering can.

I also got a new rug, Jack really likes it -

that is one dirty dog!


While Josh was gone we did lots of fun things like:


Laundry! and

and go on a walk to Alamo Square


and eat pizza and watch Rushmore.

Seriously, loving my new rug!


April came to a close and we are now in the heart of May. Looking forward to all the things this month will bring: Tux shopping for Josh, my first wedding dress fitting, Mother's Day, weekend trip down to SB, Josh's Birthday, and seeing my invitations out in the world (and hopefully getting some RSVP cards back ;)!