Style Monday: Fall Layers Illustrated Outfit

Hello :) Hope you had a good weekend!

It's just starting to feel like fall here, well at least it is cooling down a bit! In San Francisco it is very important that you layer. The mornings can be cool, the afternoons hot, and the evenings can suddenly get freezing. I always bring a jacket when I go out for the day, recently my 2003 Banana Republic jean jacket has been my staple (yep I still fit all my clothing from High School...). I have been really pining after this Madewell sweater - and unfortunately I think it is no longer available. I have been avoiding shopping much since I started freelancing - trying to save money! But recently I have been thinking about getting rid of a bunch of my clothing and replacing with more quality staple items. I have so much random stuff!

Ok back to work :) Have a good week!

Xo Jess