Autumn Sweater


I am craving fall weather so much right now! Yes I know it is much better overall to have San Francisco's mild weather than nasty winters - but when October comes along I can't help but crave orange leaves and chunky sweaters. I only experienced 'real fall' weather when I was living in Washington, DC for college. But it was easily my favorite season. I love San Francisco - but having defined seasons really helps to pace a year - here any day could be at anytime of the year - so everything just blends together. Oh well - I may change my mind if I move to the East Coast!

These lyrics from Yo La Tengo are from one of my favorite songs ever. This song just makes me so happy, relaxed, and bursting with love. I have caught a yucky cold, and listening to this song is making me feel a bit better :)

Credits: Lettering by me (June Letters Studio), Photograph from Zipped