Create Calm

This month is going to be really really busy. I can tell already that I am going to be working some long days and nights as we lead into the holidays. It is exciting that I have been able to stay so busy as a full-time freelancer but it is also quite stressful. Juggling 8 clients, my blog, my soon-to-be shop, and my relationship is a lot. It is hard to fit in even basic things like grocery shopping, doctors appointments, and cleaning. But honestly even with all the stress, I love freelancing and I don't know if I could go back to an office job. But it truly is a balancing act, and I need to get better at not taking everything on at once!

I like this phrase to "create calm" because it really is up to you to help yourself stay calm. For me I can create calm by taking a walk, or taking a break to watch a funny tv show. I can also create calm by choosing my clients wisely and letting go of things in my life that induce stress. In my "Always the Sick Girl" post, many people suggested I try meditation as a way to mitigate stress, and I am going to pursue that further. 

These next two months are going to be crazy busy - but I have to remember to carve out time for myself and to seek calm when I can! Because of my enhanced work schedule, I may be cutting down on my blogging a little bit, I am also thinking about adding contributors. If you are interested in contributing a bi-weekly post - get in touch!

Xo, Jess