élodie&rose WIP

I like to title my files that I am experimenting on as WIP or 'Work In Progress'. These files tend to be incredibly messy but also bursting with ideas. Here are some of my WIP ideas for my budding candle brand: élodie&rose!

As you can see I have started to navigate away from the more french-mod look and went into a more illustrative direction. I still really love my old moodboards, but recently I have had a desire to create things that feel original. This style of mixing hand-lettering and brightly colored illustrations just feels more ME. 

I am still working to perfect my candle making skills before I put these babies on the market. But I will reveal that I am first starting with a line of adorable little travel candles - each scent inspired by a beautiful location that you would want to travel to in the summertime.  What do you think??


Jessica Levitz2 Comments