The Flat: Simple Cocktails, His & Hers Ginger Beer Drinks

For this week's "The Flat" post I decided to do another illustrated guide! My husband and I are big Ginger Beer lovers, but we are fans of different kinds of alcohol. Josh loves whiskey, and I like alcohol that is mixed with other stuff so I can barely taste the alcohol (hehe). So for this post I have two cocktail recipes that use pretty much all the same ingredients, but are prepared with a different alcohol to create a completely different drink. By the way, I made up the name "Stormy Bourbon" - so don't ask a bartender for one (they may look at you like you are crazy).  The reason I called it a "Stormy Bourbon" is because the recipe is very similar to a "Dark & Stormy" - but instead of rum, Josh likes to use Bulleit Bourbon.

Hope you enjoy, and cheers! 

Credits: Top photo by Honestly Yum, Illustrations by June Letters Design.