Color Story: Paperback Books

My husband and I spend a lot of time in used bookstores. As soon as we arrive in a new city - we start searching for their best bookstores and vintage shops. My husband is really into collecting (and reading!) books - our little tiny apartment is filled with them. We are both big fans of paperbacks from the 60s and 70s - they always have the best covers and are light and the perfect size for carrying around. This weekend after a sushi dinner we stopped at one of our favorite bookstores in the city: Aardvarks in the Castro. I saw this box of paperbacks and was so inspired by the colors! I definitely want to use these colors for an upcoming design ;)

I am sorry for the late and slightly lazy post - it is my first week freelancing full-time - and I am super busy! So far I am loving it, I feel more relaxed and I am able to concentrate better at home. Although I am missing more human interaction :/ Need to find more freelancers in the city to meet for lunch :)