Friday Thoughts

Well it is officially the end of my first week of full-time freelance. Well sort of the end since I have to work most of the weekend too ;) I am finishing up the week at my parents house in a town south of SF. It is warm here and just really lovely - bit hard to concentrate on work, when all I really want to do is sit outside and watch the hummingbirds. 

But honestly, so far I am loving freelance. I am so glad I made the leap. I love being home and having the freedom to take a stroll through the neighborhood in the afternoons. I love working with so many different people and on such a diverse array of projects. I love the feeling of having people contact me through my site because they like my work. 

I do miss having people around though and I am already feeling overwhelmed with the workload. It is so hard for me to say no to people right now - I am afraid if I don't take on a lot of projects I am pushing my luck. I am sure I will get better at feeling out how much I can actually accomplish in a work week. 

The above illustration is a little preview of an upcoming project I am working on. One of my favorite editorial clients contacted me literally at 9:30am on my first official freelance day asking if I was available for an illustration project. It felt like such a stroke of luck. Every day that I get contacted I feel lucky - so many people told me that I would not have trouble getting work - but it was hard to believe. Now I feel so happy and lucky that thus far this has been very true. 

Coming up next week I am working on - illustrations for an editorial client, holiday goodness for True&Co., a brand book for an awesome retailer, branding for a female freelance developer team, and hand-lettering for a tech company. Heres to living the dream (and never sleeping!)

xo + cheers,