Back these gals on Kickstarter! Golly Magazine

"Modern, irreverent, and inclusive, Golly represents a new approach to women's magazines"

It feels like so many people I am connected to on social media are also somehow connected to the founders of this new lifestyle magazine, Golly. I watched the video and was really impressed by what they are trying to achieve with this new magazine. I like that they are going to feature women of all types, and that their fashion editorials are not going to be filled with stuff that I can never (ever) afford. Plus the design is great, and the contributors all seem like people I would love to hang out with. It is not overly polished and perfect, and that is what I like about it - so many of these 'lifestyle' mags that come out now either just feel so over-the-top hip or so curated and perfect that they don't depict any kind of 'lifestyle' that I could ever live. Golly seems like it is the older sister of Rookie mag - and that is just what I need as a woman in my mid 20's. 

Anyways - you all should donate to their kickstarter so they can put out their second issue (and hopefully many more after that!). 

Have a good long weekend!

Xo Jess

P.S. I move into my new studio on Monday. And yes I am jittery with excitement!!! Can't wait to post all about it next week :)


Photos sourced from their website and kickstarter page