Freelance Wisdom: Julia Kostreva

Hello! I am so excited to feature a nugget of freelance wisdom from the ever-so-lovely Julia Kostreva! Julia is an incredible designer and artist - I am sure you will recognize her beautiful shop and portfolio filled to the brim with drool-worthy products and designs. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Julia on a project for True&Co. last year - so I can tell you first hand that she is truly the sweetest!

Julia was one of the first people I emailed when I decided to take the plunge into freelance - she has been incredibly supportive and has given me lots of great advice. I asked her if I could feature this nugget of advice, because it was actually really influential for me in truly taking the leap. When you have a steady good job - it can feel foolish to leave it behind for a precarious freelance career. And honestly, sometimes I still feel a bit foolish - but I knew that I had the experience, support system, and the passion to make my dream a reality. At the time when I emailed Julia - all I needed was the guts to step out - and she helped to provide the push! 

I hope that Julia's wisdom helps those of you on the cusp of making the decision to pursue freelance full-time. But pay close attention to the second part of her wisdom - it is essential that you truly plan for this big life decision!

Xo Jess

Portrait by: Jennifer Chong / Studio photo by: Anna-Alexia Basile