The Flat: Tips for Longer Lasting Fresh-Cut Flowers

Whenever I bring home fresh flowers they always seem to get gross and wilted (and smelly) within just a few days.  And the truth is - until literally yesterday - I never knew how to properly care for my flowers. After doing some research I gathered these tips for you (and me) on how to make your beautiful flower bouquets last longer!  Hope you enjoy, I got a little colorful for this one.


The bouquet that inspired this drawing is by San Francisco local florist Saturday Flowers.

Her work is beautiful, check it out!

In other news - I moved into my studio this week! My parents came up to help me build a whole bunch of Ikea furniture on Monday - and then Tuesday I started decorating a bit. Still so much to do, but I am loving the space so far. The light is gorgeous and I can't help but feel my creative juices pulsing when I am there! Although I have had a bit of trouble focusing on my actual work since I want to be decorating all day ;) I will post some pictures later this week - but until then follow me on instagram and the tag #junelettersstudio

Hope your week is going well!

Xo Jess


One source for information about caring for flowers