Style Monday: God Help the Girl

Two weekends ago I went to see the charming new film God Help the Girl. It is a modern musical written and directed by Belle &Sebastian's frontman Stuart Murdoch. The film follows the story of a young woman going through a very tough time - things look up though when she meets two new friends and they form a band together. The film is incredibly twee and just so damn cute. I really loved it. The songs are great - but honestly I was more excited about the outfits. The film is set in Glasgow and all the characters have such perfect indie/twee/vintage style. I loved all the peter-pan collar sundresses, vintage sunglasses, and horizontal stripes. In the above graphic I included some doodle sketches that are inspired by the outfits in the film. The main character, Eva, is a bit more 60's mod - while Cassie, her friend is more boho. Enjoy some of these pictures from the film below, and go see it in a theater near you!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I have a busy but fun week ahead :)

xo, Jess