Inspired By: Define Magazine

Beautiful art, gorgeous design, thoughtful writing - could you want anymore in a magazine? I am so impressed by the newest endeavor by husband and wife dream team Amanda & Cree Jones. 

Define is a quarterly magazine. Each issue focuses on a single word and will be defined by a unique group of artists through various mediums. Each artist gets a chance to work on projects uninhibited by the client filter. They are able to collaborate on a global scale—and create something beautiful and thought–provoking. For their newest issue, the theme is shape, and features over 30 new artists. Mediums include typography, crochet, japanese marbling, photography, collage...just to name a few.

The Jones' were kind enough to share with me some of the art that is featured in their newest issue. Be prepared to be inspired! I think it would be a really fun exercise to also create a piece based on shape to get my creative juices flowing.

You can purchase the magazine here. It is a real beauty and total collectors item.

xo Jess