The Creative Process

After posting on instagram about how excited and vulnerable I feel when sending off client work, a friend of mine sent me this hilarious "creative process" list she found on the internet. I decided to re-letter it for your enjoyment. There is ALWAYS a point when creating a first round logo design that I literally look at my sketches and think "I am shit, how am I EVER going to pull this off". But of course I am always able to pull myself out of that rut and present something I am proud of. By going through the creative process of self-doubt and experimentation I always send off my designs feeling vulnerable because I poured so much of myself in them. 

I am planning a post soon for how I am able to pull myself out of a creative rut - stay tuned!

xo Jess

P.S. If you know the original author of this please let me know! I searched but couldn't figure it out.