Client Branding 101: The Super Edition

Client Branding 101: The Super Edition

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Freelance Wisdom: Client Branding 101
A detailed process guide to designing a beautiful brand for your clients.


This ebook is perfect for helping new (or curious!) freelancers get a head start in working with small business clients on their branding projects. This ebook will provide you an in-depth look at the process I go through when branding a client. The process is broken up into 8 easy-to-follow steps that will hopefully make the task of taking on a branding client feel a little less daunting.

Chock full of helpful tips and whimsical illustrations, Branding Clients 101 is a fun read for designers of every level! 

In this special edition package I include:

- 42 page .pdf ebook
- .ai & .pdf of 25+ mood board vector templates
- .ai & .pdf simple brand guide template
- Text file client questionnaire

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