Couple Friends

It is hard to make perfect couple friends. Even if two of you bond, it doesn't mean the dynamic between the four of you is going to work.  Josh and I have met some great couples in SF and have had some wonderful movie nights and brunches with other couples. But I would love to meet more. Since we both work so much, on our time off we like to spend time together, but we always love to get together with other people. However we don't like people feeling like a third wheel, so it is often ideal to get together with another couple.  But how do you meet other couples in SF that like to do all the same things that we do - and our personalities mesh? As far as I know, there are not any (good) dating-style sites for matching up couple friends. If I had to make a listing for Josh and I this is what I would write (ok, I would not be this annoying and extensive):



Engaged young (24, 25 y/o) couple in search of friendly couple in similar age range to spend relaxing week nights, and fun weekends together. In our ideal world this couple would:

  • like to go to the movies, especially for indie flicks, classic movies, and foreign films (The Roxie, Castro)
  • like going to a quieter bar where you can really talk and enjoy each others company
  • like going out to restaurants, but don't like to break the bank. Can enjoy a splurge night at Foriegn Cinema but is also as content with a burrito at Taqueria Cancun. 
  • content with a night in playing scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Bananagrams and other games.
  • likes going to concerts, especially at venues like Great American Music Hall, The Knockout, El Rio, Bottom of the Hill, The Independent.
  • has a dog, or likes dogs a lot and is understanding of Jack's weird personality (our scrappy terrier).
  • likes going out to breakfast at an early-ish hour.
  • easy to talk to, no awkward silences and grasping for conversation topics.
  • interested in both of our careers (ideally interested in science and design).
  • able to have deeper conversations about relationships, family, the future etc.
  • like having impromptu dance parties, and do YouTube karaoke
  • like taking walks around the city, popping into record stores, book shops, and clothing stores.
  • have a good relationship (not too much fighting esp. in front of us!).
  • like going over to our place for dinner, and return the favor.
  • have similar personalities to us: social but also a bit more introverted, understand our desire to sometimes just spend a night in watching Peep Show (British television show) for hours. 
  • and most of all are kind, fun, and reliable.


Ok, I know this list is long and kind of annoying, and obviously our imaginary couple friends do not have to fit every criteria, but these are the kinds of things we like and look for in friends. 

If you found this, live in San Francsico and think we might be a couple match made in heaven, feel free to reach out :)


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