Be Fearlessly Authentic

While working on a joint Pinterest board for a wonderful new re-branding client - I was really struck by this quote that they pinned. I had never seen it before and it made me stop and think.

Am I fearlessly authentic? What does it even mean to be an authentic designer? I am so influenced by other designers/artists/things that I see around - can I even have a truly authentic voice? There have been times when I copied something without even realizing it until someone pointed it out. Sometimes all these visuals get stored in the back of your brain and when they come out you often don't even realize that they weren't your ideas to begin with! I think a lot of designers and artists can relate to this.

I do think though that we should strive to be authentic. Figure out your personal style and really hone it. It takes years to get to that point (I don't think I am there yet!) but I am continually trying to find my authentic voice. 

Hope your week started out well, this is a very busy one for me! My hubby and I are taking a little weekend away so we are both desperately trying to get everything done before Friday afternoon. I am so excited to go have some alone time out in the woods, nature is very much needed right now!

Xo, Jess