Friday Thoughts: Getting Away

Today my husband and I are headed out for some much needed R&R in Pt. Reyes, CA. We are staying at a really wonderful Japanese-inspired bed and breakfast that we have stayed at before. The breakfast was divine and the room was so relaxing - we had to go back. Usually Josh and I are good at getting away for the weekend or at least taking day trips - but recently we have both been working so much that it feels like forever since we had a relaxing weekend. The last trip we took was for our anniversary back in August! 

As much as we love having our little dog around and spending time with friends - it is so nice to spend time just the two of us away from home. Everything feels more romantic when you are out in nature, and it also helps to open us up to have deeper conversations. It is easy to fall into a routine when you are working so much, and taking these weekends away helps to shake things up. 

Since we know that taking a full weekend off just isn't possible all the time - we are going to start planning secret dates for each other. Every 2-3 weeks we are going to switch off on planning a real date (not just grab takeout and watch a movie at home kind of date) but a real date that involves getting out of the house and doing something different. We don't have a lot of surprise elements in our relationship anymore (we have been together for 10 years!!) - so we both agree this is a fun experiment to keep the romantic juices flowing!

Do you have any tips for keeping a long-term relationship fresh? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

Xo Jess