The Moody Project: Day 53

Hi friends - hope you are having a good weekend! So far my weekend has been pretty great. Yesterday I took off early from work to traipse around the neighborhood and get photographed by Ellie Koleen (I designed her logo a few weeks back!) I asked Ellie to take some photos of me because I am planning a big re-launch of my website/brand.

It is a huge endeavor to brand yourself - but it is so important as I venture into the next stage of my career. So here is my first pass at a June Letters Design inspiration board. I have always been a huge fan of this dirty peachy pink color and I love how it mixes with the simplicity of black + white. I want to make sure my work shines and so I want to keep my branding somewhat in the background - but also as a true expression of my style. 

I look forward to having you all follow along on this exciting journey with me. More to announce in the next few weeks.

x Jess