The Moody Project: Day 60 - Last Day!

Today is a very special day! It is my husband Josh's birthday, my last Moody Project inspiration board, and last but not least - my official announcement that I am transitioning into full-time freelance design this July! For my last Moody Project board I created this brand inspiration design. I am working on a major re-design of my website and brand that I will most likely launch in a month. I am really excited about this next step in my career.

Starting on Monday I am going to be posting daily with new content! My first post will explain more about my transition into full-time freelance and my future plans for my brand & blog. 

This project was a very enriching experience. It really encouraged me to seek out inspiration and to continually be creative. It also taught me that posting on this blog everyday is not that hard and a lot of fun. This is the official end of this project, but I will be creating many mood boards for my new clients and I will be sure to post! 

Well I am off to continue Josh's birthday celebration. See you on Monday!


ok and now let's walk down memory lane -