Friday Thoughts


This week has already been pretty grueling and unfortunately ending on a worse note. I think I may have some sort of stomach bug and so I have been pretty out of commission today. It is nice that I can work from home - but honestly I am feeling too sick to work and so it is stressing me out (which then makes me feel worse). I am realizing it is quite hard to take a sick day when you are freelance...

I am laying in bed now and taking it pretty easy. I had plans to go out with a group of people tonight, but I am not sure it is going to happen. I was really excited to go out on the town for the first time in awhile and to meet some new people :( I usually would not feel comfortable going out with a group of people that I don't know very well - but I have been trying to make more of an effort to say "yes" to things. One of my old coworkers after a break-up with her longtime boyfriend, decided to spend a year saying "yes" to almost any opportunity that came her way. The experience was very fulfilling for her, and she met a lot of great people and did a lot of interesting things. As a naturally introverted person, It is easier for me to say "no" and spend the night in watching Netflix - but I really have been trying to follow in her footsteps and actively say "yes" to new opportunities.

That is why it bums me out that I might not be able to go tonight. I just can't imagine going to a club and then running to the bathroom every few minutes (TMI!!!!). Anyways hoping I feel better this weekend - and that next week is less stressful. I think it will be much better!

Have a great weekend!


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