Happy day off!

Ok so holidays are not quite a thing in the freelance world - but today I am taking the full day off to move in to my new studio space! I have a lot of Ikea furniture to put together and arranging to do - and I am so excited about it!

Thank you to everyone that was incredibly supportive in my recent post about feelings of self-doubt and comparison. It is so wonderful to know that there are such amazing people out there reading my blog and like my work. I am seriously grateful and so inspired.

I mentioned that there are things I want to do this fall - and you guys - I am actually going to follow through with it. I want to stay vague for now, but I am working on a collection of products for an official June Letters Shop! Below is my mood board for the colors of the fall collection I am working on:

Hope you have a wonderful day off! Or if no day off - a wonderful day :)

Xo Jess