2014-09-02 11.13.12-1.jpg

So this week has been really great (and busy and stressful hah) - but mostly great because I moved into my new studio! The space is seriously dreamy. The light is great, it is open and spacious. I love my apartment (it is cozy, lived-in, and charming) but it was not conducive for working in every day. Now I feel a renewed sense of creativity in this new space - where I have room to experiment and explore. 

I love setting up these little vignettes around the space. The nice light makes it so much easier to photograph! I am thinking I may need to invest in a DSLR to take better shots of my work and for features on my blog.

And now some unedited photos to give you a better sense of the space -

2014-09-03 15.21.11.jpg

And then the really not good looking side of the studio (right now at least) - I am actually thinking about renting out this half. I keep going back and forth - but really there is enough space for 2 and it might be nice to have another person around. Of course it would have to be the right person, so that will take some time finding someone that would be a match. 

I have a lot more to do - I want to have an inspiration wall and to hang up some art. I also have some more storage coming. If you want to re-create the look of this space it is easy - almost everything is from Ikea! A big shout out to my parents for coming up to help me build everything! And to my husband for driving me back and forth and for being patient when I got really obsessive with shopping for the studio hah.

Happy Thursday! 

Xo Jess