New Branding & Website Makeover!

You may have noticed that things look a little bit different around here :) On the side when I have a spare moment or two I have been working on my own personal branding. When I launched my business in July - I wasn't fully happy or satisfied with my site and personal branding.  I think this makeover feels much more unified and now I feel like I have clear direction. 

Bit about my thought process -

I wanted my logo and brand to reflect my personal style, but also be fairly minimal in order to let the work shine. I have always wanted to have some sort of mark for my brand and over the years have struggled to come up with something. One night I was playing with the initials and discovered I could created a face of a woman. I have a round face and wavy hair and thought it slightly resembled me! I went back and forth about wether I liked the mark or not - but I kept coming back to it and realized I actually quite liked it and should just go for it!

As for the colors - pretty much since I started my exploration of the June Letters name (over 4 years ago!) I have always used gold, black, and peach. I am not sure why I am so drawn to these colors - but they have been consistent over the years! I slightly adjusted the colors giving them a bit of a more muted/dusty hue. 

I think moving into my studio and having a few months of freelancing under my belt helped me to become more clear about how I wanted to represent myself. Having the new photos from Loren of my studio and myself really helped to bring everything together! 

In reality I change my mind a lot - so there is a good chance in a few months I will update my brand again! But for now I am pretty happy with how everything looks! 

Here are the guidelines I created for myself:

Yesterday I received my new letter pressed business cards and then hand painted on them to make each one unique :) I am bring a whole bunch to hand out at Designer Vaca! I will need to take good photographs at one point - but for now here is an instagram photo of a few:

I am going to take the rest of the week off from blogging - I need a break! But next week I will be back with new content and two exciting Freelance Wisdom interviews :)

Xo, Jess

P.S. there are still some buggy things about the site especially on mobile - will be working to correct next week :)