Portfolio Update: Chelsea Seekell Photography

I have so enjoyed working on the branding for incredible photographer Chelsea Seekell. Her photographs have a really timeless quality that I was instantly drawn to. They are full of emotion and her subjects seem to pop off the page with real-ness. For her branding Chelsea wanted to incorporate my brush lettering with a muted and minimal palette. She was so easy to work with and truly everything fell into place from the very first mood board I sent. It is always a joy when as a designer you feel like you can truly deliver exactly what your client has in mind! 

Her website is still in progress but should be up soon!

This week is incredibly busy and I am still feeling really under the weather - sometimes it feels truly impossible that I can get everything done. Next month I am making an effort to take on less clients so that I don't feel as overwhelmed as I do now. I have to take off a few days in the beginning of the month to move!! But we will see, I have bills to pay!

Freelance life can feel pretty ruff sometimes :/

Xo, Jess