This month has been crazy. That is about the only word I can think of to describe it. From the very first week of January - everything has been a little bit nuts. There has been a lot of good but also some challenges. This has definitely been my hardest freelancing month so far. I have been tasked with a lot of really fun and rewarding work, but have also had to play 'collector' which hasn't been fun. So far I have been pretty lucky and feeling financially secure each month - but this month, I think with the pressures and costs of the move - I have been feeling downright stressed financially. I absolutely hate having to dig into my savings, but the reality is, in order to have a smooth move and settle into our new place - I have to. I am just hoping that in the months to come I can replenish my savings and not feel so stressed about money. 

I realize this is pretty personal - but hey, we all worry about money but rarely talk about it. As a salaried worker for many years I did not have to worry as much, it was predictable how much I would make each month. But now - every month is variable and some have much bigger payouts than others. But still, I love freelancing, and don't have a desire to go back to a full-time salary job. I am just hoping as I grow as a freelancer I will start to have a bit more predictability in my payments.

On top of the money stress, I have been feeling really sick. A cold I can't shake, plus nausea and fatigue - is making it hard for me to work at my same usual pace.  I am used to being really fast, so feeling like I have to slow down has been frustrating. Hoping I start feeling better soon! 

This month has been nuts, but luckily it is almost over. February is really looking up - a new city, a new apartment, some new exciting clients, and some personal news. Looking forward to starting 'anew' next week!!

xo , Jess

Image above is a scan of some of my sketches for an icon design. One of my favorite things that I did in January.