Some Exciting News...

I am terrible at keeping secrets so it has been so hard to keep in such big news! But here it is -- I am 13 weeks pregnant eek! Josh and I are beyond excited to be welcoming a little one to our family in early September 2015 :)

We found out I was pregnant on New Years Day and since then our life has changed forever. With a packed freelance schedule, a big move, and morning sickness it has been a trying first trimester! Luckily I am starting to feel a lot more like myself now and really looking forward to the rest of my pregnancy. I had a very healthy ultrasound this week, and with the risk of miscarriage much lower, I finally feel comfortable (and so excited) announcing this all publicly. 

Don't worry I am not going to turn into a baby-obsessed blogger, but I do plan to post about my experiences with this pregnancy. As a young mom-to-be (just 26!) I don't have any friends going through the same thing right now - so I think it will feel good to get out some of my thoughts and connect with other young mommas through the internet :)

I have a challenging 6 months of pregnancy ahead - but having such a supportive and loving husband by my side has been just amazing. Josh has been cooking me meals, making sure I take my vitamins, bringing me water, and putting up with my mood swings! I am one lucky gal, and clearly this guy is going to be one great dad. 

Feels good to get this news off my chest! Look forward to connecting with other moms and moms-to-be. Thanks for your continued support!!

xo, Jess