Bébé Chronicles: It's a BOY

It's a boy! I was seriously SHOCKED. I had this "intuition" that my baby was a girl - but boy, was I wrong! I have to admit for the first day I felt disappointment - I had really only imagined a girl inside of me - so it was difficult to wrap my head around the news. But after some soul searching and plenty of pinning of cute boy clothes - I have settled into the results. 

I am excited to raise a loving, strong, and feminist boy. We are starting to think of names and everything is feeling so much more real. Plus, I am starting to think it is time to start shopping! Which is fun and overwhelming.

Have a great week! This week is NUTS for me work-wise, but trying to keep a positive attitude and will be very excited for Friday to come ;)

Xo, Jess

Illustration by me! June Letters Studio