Allison Walsh Branding


Hello! I am very excited to show you the final branding that I created for Allison Walsh. Her website that I designed launched last week and I am really proud of how everything turned out! Allison is a warm, passionate, and caring woman that has been a pleasure to work with. Her goal with this endeavor is to create a supportive community of vibrant and brilliant women (wildflowers) - and to help them build their legacy businesses and cultivate their wildest dreams. This community is called The Wildflower Uprising and I will show more of that branding later on! 

From the beginning Allison wanted her brand to evoke comfort, kindness, and authenticity. She wanted the brand to have a sophistication that is still relatable - and for it to feel feminine, though not overly so. Part of what I love about my job is the challenge of creating this kind of balance. The moodboard I made early on for Allison really led the way as we created the rest of the branding. I enjoyed working with the pop of yellow and muted pink, and really loved creating her minimal but still personable logo. Take a look below to see my branding build-out, and be sure to check out her website to see everything in action! 

Such a wonderful project and I am very excited for Allison! This is her passion project and I think it is going to be such a success :)

Hard to believe it is July already! I am planning a June re-cap post for this week!

Xo, Jess