On Creating Art

Sometimes I get this incredible urge to paint. I feel like I have to drop everything and pick up my brushes. Painting is both soothing and frustrating for me. Most of the time I dislike everything I produce - and it is hard for me to accept that it is all apart of the process. When I was young I wanted to be an artist - but I soon discovered that I enjoyed getting assignments far more than coming up with my own ideas. It is why I fell into design - I enjoy problem solving and working within the constraints of a brief. But recently, I have felt a desire to start creating art. But I don't know how to start. Or really, I am scared to start. With design, I am able to follow a bit of a formula, and I know my capabilities pretty well at this point. But when creating art, the options are endless - and the blank canvas is frightening. 

I think for me the biggest hurdle is getting over my desire to create something perfect from the start. I am often plagued by a desire to have immediate success - and I forget that so much of the ultimate joy of success - is overcoming all the challenges and failures along the way. Over the next few months I am going to challenge myself to create art that I hate - in order to eventually create something good. I know that this urge to paint and create art is not a fleeting desire, and ultimately could be something very fulfilling for me. We will see, I will be sure to update you on my journey.

Xo, Jess

I created the painting above this past weekend. My husband has a lot of books.