WIP: Southern Wedding Venue Identity

Hello! This week I have been working on creating these romantic logo options for a wedding venue in North Carolina. The venue is a gorgeous historic manor that has been out of commission for years. My client and her business partners are working to re-vitalize the manor and use it as a romantic wedding venue. Many of the wedding venues in the area are more stiff and severe - so they wanted to create a brand that is soft, airy, and romantic. They want the brand to be inviting and warm "like an enjoyable Sunday afternoon sitting on the porch, rocking in the chair as a light breeze blows past." Surrounding the venue there are giant gorgeous magnolia trees - so we thought it would be great to include a magnolia blossom in the logo. 

Below are a few of the options I presented to my client. They have already narrowed it down to two to pursue further. They are both in here :)

So excited to finish this pretty baby up!

Xo Jess

Jessica Levitz11 Comments