Weekend Links No.2

I am more than due for another edition of Weekend Links! So here we go:


My household is very excited about a new film called Listen Up Philip starring Jason Schwartzman and directed by Alex Ross Perry (who also directed this film). The story is about a Philip Roth type character, who is my husbands favorite writer. Watch the trailer!


I loved reading this Fortune article about how women are described differently in workplace reviews than men - because it is absolutely something that I have experienced. In reviews with men they often focused around my personality, and sometimes got pretty harsh. However in reviews with women they mostly focused around my skills and work. Reading this article really confirmed my suspicions! 


Holy moly, the more clients I get the worse my desktop files are getting. This article by Cocorrina about keeping an organized life really makes me want to whip my files into shape! I really need to spend an admin day and just organize my life.


I also thoroughly enjoyed this Designer Vaca recap by Becky Murphy that highlights all the great resources she learned about to make freelance graphic design life easier! Going to be implementing some of these soon :) I already downloaded the scanner app!


I really wish I lived in NYC so I could go to the new Matisse exhibit at MoMa - but for now I just have to live vicariously through their website. The site for the Matisse exhibit is actually really cool and I loved learning more about how he made the cutouts - for example I had no idea that he painted the paper first before cutting!


Hope you have a good weekend, I am going to NOT work much & PLAY outside :)

Xo, Jess

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