Freelance Wisdom: Eva Black

A few years ago Eva Black reached out to me about featuring my workspace on her blog. I had recently moved and really had no workspace to photograph so I sadly declined. Since then, I have followed her career/life through dribbble and her blog - and have admired her beautiful design work and business growth! 

She is a total sweetheart and so of course, she was one of the first people I thought to reach out to when emailing freelance designers for advice.  Even though she had recently given birth she still took the time to respond to my email - see I told you, total sweetheart! 

Her advice to me was to keep up my blog (I am working on it!) and to keep creating work that I love to do - even if no one is paying me to do it. See below for her full advice!

I hope you are enjoying this series! See more Freelance Wisdom here!


Photograph provided by Eva Black