Freelance Wisdom: Meg Lewis of Ghostly Ferns

Hello there! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. I had a very nice weekend celebrating my husband's PhD graduation, hanging out with his family, and spending some time soaking up the sun at the park. 

And now for a bit of backstory on this exciting new series. When I was grappling with the decision to pursue freelance full-time I decided to send out a bunch of emails to freelance designers that I admire asking for their advice. Everyone was amazingly sweet and sent me some great nuggets of advice - which I am now so happy to pass on to you! 

First up is the wonderfully talented, and total power-house of a designer and business owner: Meg Lewis, founder of Ghostly Ferns. I have been following Meg on dribbble for a few years now and it has been incredible to watch her business grow. She is a totally cool gal, and an inspiration for me as I build my own freelance business. Hope you enjoy her gem of advice! 

Photo was provided by Meg. All hand-lettering and layouts by me!