Style Monday: Palm Springs Dream Outfit

Exciting news! I snagged a last minute spot at Designer Vaca - a design conference/retreat down in Palm Springs! I had signed up for the waitlist ages ago, and then just this Friday a few people dropped out and I was able to sneak right in! Luckily my pal Chelsey Dyer had space in her room, and I was able to get a flight using my United miles - making it easy and affordable to make a trip last minute! 

Today I looked at the weather for while I am in Palm Springs and nearly fainted. It is slated to be 103° !!  I am such a wimp when it comes to hot weather - San Francisco is pretty much always 65° and so when it gets any hotter than that my body puts up a fight. Hopefully the rooms/hotel will be nice and air-conditioned and I will just spend the rest of the time in the pool. 

I really don't have a lot of warm-weather clothes, though probably enough for a quick 3 days trip. I decided to pull together this little dream outfit from the drawings I created in collaboration with Twice. I would love to own a nice thin white cotton top, and some cute graphic high-waisted stripe shorts. Also those sandals are so amazing, wish I had a pair! 

Looking forward to this trip! (Though also very nervous). 

Happy Monday!

Xo Jess